Double (Hexagonal) V-Belts

  1. Cover - Bias cut cover protects against oil, heat, ozone, dirt, and damaging elements.
  2. Tensile Cords - High strength polyester tensile cords provide superior length stability,fatigue resistance and long life
  3. Compression Section -  extra flexibility to allow the belt to bend easily in both directions. 

Adapters Withdrawal Sleeves Locknuts and Lockwashers

Specification :

The use of an adapter permits a bearing to be fitted at any position on a shaft with the correct degree of rigidity.

Welcome to Lim Lean Giap

Lim Lean Giap Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading power transmission products trading companies, which has been established in Butterworth, Penang since 90’s.

Specification For Bando King Power Synchronous Belts :

Exceptional power transmission capability.
· Versatile.
· Clean 
· Quite running.
· No Maintenance.


Incorporated on 22nd July 1991, LLG has grown tremendously from a small player to become one of the leading distributors of power transmission products in Malaysia in both automotive and industrial sectors.

Distributorship / Authorized

We also carry the distributorship or authorized dealership of a number of well-known brands in the local market, such as Bando (Japan), Continental ContiTech (Germany), Siegling (Germany), NTN (Japan), NSK (Japan), Loctite (USA), which is also a testimony of the confidence of these major worldwide suppliers in our branding, capability and reputation.

Polyurethane Open-End V-Belt

Specification :   Featurer
  • Simply Cut The Belts To The Required Length And Heat Splice The Ends
  • Clean The Operation "No Black Rubber Dust Problem"


In addition, we have an expanded network reach throughout Malaysia region so as to provide excellent services tailored to our customers’ various needs. We have service teams stationed at all branches to cater for after sales services.

Bearing with Solid Grease

Specification :

The solid grease lubricant (POP) developed for use in rolling element bearing combines the properties of an ultra high polymer polythrene with those of a lithium based lubricant. Bearing with solid grease with the following featurer :

  1. Reduced lubricant leakage
  2. Superior Lubrication
  3. Low Torture Characteristics


Besides Butterworth, we also have presence in these two locations in Kedah state.
Lim Lean Giap (Engineering) Sdn. Bhd. (Alor Setar)
Lim Lean Giap Motors Sdn Bhd (Alor Janggus)